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Our History
* In 2007, AB-8810, *** first straight-through air duct vehicle-mounted air purifier in China, was successfully developed, fully utilized *** internal space ** improve *** purification efficiency, and successfully applied *** * patent.
* In 2010, AB-9200, *** first water-dynamic concept, was successfully applied *** * patent.
* Registered Airbus brand in 2011, and obtained *** trademark certificate in *** 2016 after more than 3 years of legal disputes with European Airbus company over brand ownership.
* On November 18, 2012, Xiamen Airbus Electronic Technology Co., LTD was registered.
* In 2013,Established cooperative relationship with Mitsubishi of Japan, ab-8810 entered *** Japanese market. Ab-2100, *** first magic light crystal hydrator humidifier, and successfully applied *** *** appearance/utility patent. In *** same year, *** brand "Bonkor" was registered.
* In 2014, cooperated with SYT of Japan ** develop ab-8810 upgraded products and underwrote *** Japanese market. *** first intelligent on-board air purifier, AB-8300, was launched, and *** patent was successfully applied together with AB-8820
* In 2015, AB-8200 pioneered *** dual-core purification system of vehicle-mounted air purifier and successfully applied *** * patent.
* In 2016, AB-8210 initiated lamp-layering design and established cooperative relationship with ALEXAPURE in *** United States. In *** same year, ab-8300 entered *** Singapore market through * partnership with EuropAce. In *** same year into *** aromatherapy machine market, gradually formed * series of aromatherapy machine products
* In 2017, *** company settled in Xiamen Xiang 'an Torch High-tech Zone, connected with *** head office, ** provide customers with more direct and fast quality services
* In 2019, Our company was awarded *** National High and New Technology Enterprises in *** City level. We became *** practice base of Xiamen Institute of Technology.
* In 2020, Our company was awarded *** National High and New Technology Enterprises in *** National level. We had setting up *** zone of *** University-Industry Cooperation with *** Xiamen Institute of Technology.
Our Factory
Xiamen Airbus Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. specialized in *** manufacturing and R&D of car air purifier, humidifier and aroma diffuser *** over 15 years with 10,000 square meters factory in Xiamen, China.As high-tech enterprise in *** field of environmental health, we take caring people'* health as our responsibility. Creativity keeps us moving forward over *** years and quality is *** soul of our culture.Our products have been widely praised by our customers from more than 100 countries and have passed * series of international standard certification, such as CE, UL, GS, ROHS, FCC.Furthermore, Airbus provides our customer with *** complete solution on OEM / ODM customization ** meet *** diverse concerns and specific needs of each market.Welcome ** visit us any time and we expect ** establish long terms cooperation relationship with you!
Our Product
Xiamen Airbus Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. Products includes *** following:
1, Car air purifier
2, Aroma diffuser
3, Mini humidifier,
4, Desktop air purifier
We specialized in *** manufacturing and R&D of car air purifier, humidifier and aroma diffuser *** over 15 years.
Product Application
Air purifier, humidifier and aroma diffuser *** Industry use are widely used in *** following industry, such as home appliances system, auto parts system.
--- Mini home appliances
--- Office, baby room, hotel, base room
--- Car
Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related ** *** quality of *** products we offer. They meet *** highest quality requirements as stipulated in CE, UL, GS, ROHS, FCC.SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.
Production Equipment
We introduce * set of equipment from Italy and Germany and adopt top quality raw materials so as ** keep our products in international advanced level. It occupies an area of 2,000 square meters, equipped with consummate management system and advanced production facilities ** ensure products perfect quality and performance.
Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Air purifier, humidifier and aroma diffuser, Sales managers can speak fluent English *** good communication. Our main sales market
--- North America 35.00%
--- Southern Europe 25.00%
--- Western Europe 15.00%
--- Middle East 10% 鈥?/p>
Our Service
Besides our existing molded products, we also can produce Air purifier, humidifier and aroma diffuser products according ** *** drawings or samples from our customers. We control *** product quality critically *** every step during *** manufacturing, From shape ** internal structure ** refurbished drive wheels. We offer technical support that is second ** none鈥?/p>diffuser ultrasonic
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